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ICL Specialty Fertilizers provides products and services to three main markets. The first market includes all growers of nursery stock and perennials in open fields and in pots and containers. The second encompasses all forms of specialty agriculture ranging from soft, stone and hard fruit to Christmas trees and arable crops. The third comprises all facilities that use turf, ranging from golf courses and sports fields to sod production and municipal landscaping.

Fruit, vegetables & arable crops

ICL Specialty Fertilizers provides an unique feeding concept for vegetable, fruit and arable crop producers. Our range of specialty products for foliar, fertigation and controlled release fertilizers are solutions to fulfill each plant’s nutritional need. Quality sets our precision fertilizer portfolio apart. Our ongoing research and development activities grow innovations so that we have a product to meet every grower’s needs.

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Nursery stock, perennials, pot & bedding plants

Whether you are looking for coated fertilizers or water soluble fertilizers, ICL Specialty Fertilizers has the product that matches your crop’s nutritional need. We have developed innovative technologies and the highest quality products through continuous research and stringent quality control. With leading brands Osmocote, Peters and Universol, and our dedicated technical advisors, professional growers can count on expert advice and the best return on investment.

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Golf courses, sportsfields & landscape

ICL's Turf and Amenity dedicates itself to providing you with outstanding products and solutions that will deliver perfect grass. ICL offers a vast range of high-quality grass seed and fertilizers, all which make golf greens faster, sports fields stronger and parks greener. Through continuous research and development, using the best technology available, ICL has an answer to whatever demands you have.

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