• Oxyde
  • Eléments
Azote total (N) 10%
Azote ammoniacal (NH4-N) 10,0%
Anhydride Phosphorique (P2O5) 43%
Soluble dans l'eau (P205) 32,2%
Oxyde de potassium (K20) 0%
Azote total (N) 10%
Azote ammoniacal (NH4-N) 10,0%
Phosphore (P) 18,7%
Soluble dans l'eau 14,0%
Potassium (K) 0%



1-2 mois

taille de granulés


Agrocote Mini 75% coated mini 1-2M

75% coated mini 1-2M


  • Advantages
  • The perfect starter fertilizer for use in open field crops at seeding or transplanting
  • By coating part of the product we reduce the binding of Phosphorus to Calcium or Magnesium in high pH and Iron and Aluminum in low pH situations (P-fixation)
  • 1-2 months nutrient delivery at an average soil temperature of 21°C