• Oxyde
  • Eléments
Azote total (N) 16%
Nitrogen organic 2.0%
Azote ammoniacal (NH4-N) 3,0%
Azote uréique (N uréique) 11,0%
Anhydride Phosphorique (P2O5) 3%
Oxyde de potassium (K20) 6%
Soluble dans l'eau 6,0%
Oxyde de magnésium (MgO) 2,0%
Fer (Fe) 0,50%
Azote total (N) 16%
Nitrogen organic 2.0%
Azote ammoniacal (NH4-N) 3,0%
Azote uréique (N uréique) 11,0%
Phosphore (P) 1,3%
Potassium (K) 5,0%
Soluble dans l'eau 5,0%
Magnésium (Mg) 1,2%
Fer (Fe) 0,50%

Granule Size


Pack Size


Application Rate

25-40 g/m2

Bag Coverage

1000 – 625 m2

Granule Dispersal

1-2 days

Turf Response

3-7 days


6-8 weeks


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for use
  • Spreader settings
  • Ideal through main growth periods of the season
  • High nitrogen levels for sustained growth
  • Great granulation means low application rates possible
  • Combination of ammonium, urea and organic nitrogen sources
  • Polyhalite mineral included to supply Ca, Mg & K for healthy growth
  • Plant-based organic component

Gronamic Golf High N delivers sustained nutrition to the turf plant through the growing season. The supply of all key macronutrients and iron allows for a healthy plant, great turf colour and resilience from wear. The balance of mineral and organic components provides the benefits from both approaches of turf nutrition. Supplies carbon and a balanced C:N ratio to the soil / rootzone.

Directions for use

Apply to dry foliage. Water in if no rain falls within 1-2 days after application. Irrigation or rainfall will assist dispersion and minimize risk of mower pick-up on close cut surfaces.
Avoid applications during frosty or drought conditions. Delay cutting or grooming for 2 days after application to allow product dispersal.
Product contains iron so if spilt on pavement, concrete or decorative surfaces brush off immediately as there is risk of staining.

Spreader settings


Cone setting

Spreader width

Application method

Application rate 30 g/m2

Application rate 40 g/m2

Rotary spreader



1 x pass



SR2000 or Accupro2000



2 x pass



Gronamic Golf High N is the perfect product to use through the main turf growing season. Its balanced mineral and organic nutrients provide available and slow release nutrition.

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