Rotary Spreader EdgeGuard DLX

Rotary Spreader EdgeGuard DLX

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Applies product only where you want it
  • Keeps product off landscaping, driveways, sidewalks and waterways
  • Less waste, less clean-up, less environmental impact

EdgeGuard technology applies the product only where you want it (on the lawn!) with a new control panel with precision rate setting dial for more accurate coverage. The new hopper design holds up to 1400m2 of ICL fertilizer and is designed with a wide 300 cm spreading width for speedy coverage of large lawns. The spreader has a heavy-duty frame for optimum stability and a cushioned, U-shaped handle with mounted locking-release lever.

The patented EdgeGuard landscape protection system is a Scotts exclusive. This innovative feature provides an on/off control lever, which activates a shield below the hopper that prevents fertilizer or other lawn products from being thrown into landscaping or onto hard surfaces. Product is applied only where it is intended.

Treating large areas of grassland with lawn care granules is time consuming, so finding an adjustable spreader that gives the widest possible spread is the key to quicker treatment and more time to admire the results.

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