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Nutrients, yield, and the environment:
you’re in control with Agromaster

A combination of ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ advanced coating technology and specially selected conventional granules, make Agromaster a controlled-release fertilizer that masters even the hardest circumstances. Whatever the weather, your crop or the condition of the soil, you have the nutrient supply under control. You can count on this easy-to-use fertilizer’s high yields and environmental compliance.

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Higher nutrient...

Higher nutrient use efficiency

Modern agriculture needs to produce more with less resources. Sustainable fertilizers must be able to increase yields without increasing the required nutrient input. That’s why Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) plays a key role in future-proof agriculture and should be considered when evaluating different fertilizers.

Higher yield

Higher yield

In several trials and in seed production and fresh market potatoes we tested Agromaster to assess the marketable yield. Results showed that Agromaster performs better than grower practice with multiple applications of CAN. On average a significant 8% higher yield was achieved!

Lower environme...

Lower environmental impact

Did you know that the carbon footprint of a kg of potatoes cultivated in sandy soils decreases up to 11% thanks to the application of N urea from Agromaster, compared to the current grower practice?


Reduced nitrogen losses through volatilization with coated urea

Controlled release urea (like ICL’s Agromaster) protects against nitrogen volatilization thanks to its coating.

Most losses through volatilization happen directly after a fertilizer is applied to the field, but the coating of a controlled release fertilizer ensures that ammonia gas losses are minimized. Research has proven that controlled release urea can reduce nitrogen losses through volatilization by at least 40%.

To show you how controlled release urea can reduce volatilization, we set up a simple experiment. Watch the video to find out more:


What our customers say..


"Agromaster is effective, easy to apply (1 person can fertilize 100 hectares in 1 day) and the plant continuously receives all the nutrition it needs. The result is a homogeneous crop with plants of similar size."

Carlos González, Strawberry & Asparagus grower - Mozoncillo - Spain


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