Osmocote 5 stories from the Benelux

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Osmocote 5 stories from the Benelux

Introducing the next generation of controlled-release fertilizers: Osmocote 5. The future of stronger and healthier plants lies in every granule. An ingenious OTEA-system and brand new NutriMatch-Release technology offer growers access to advanced level fertilizers, resulting in exceptional plant health and leaf colour. We asked customers across the world to test the impact of Osmocote 5 over the past year. We’d like to share the outcomes of the first trials in a series of customer stories. These are our customers’ experiences.

The Konijn brothers’ experiences

Konijn Boomkwekerij in Boskoop grows plants including Wisteria and conducted trials using Osmocote 5 last year. Johan Konijn explained: ‘My experience with Osmocote 5 is that it doesn’t release many nutrients during the first stage. It’s actually in the growth period that the plant really needs the right dose, and that’s what Osmocote 5 takes into account. It improves growth and results in a healthy product. I recommend Osmocote 5 to other growers as it produces more resilient plants, which reduces the risk of diseases.’

Experiences at Boomkwekerij Dennis van Eijk

Skimmia is one of Boskoop grower Boomkwekerij Dennis van Eijk’s most important products. The nursery usually uses Osmocote Exact Hi.End and already had high expectations. The Osmocote 5 trials went well. Dennis explained: ‘Osmocote 5 delivered fantastic results in our Skimmia and we observed virtually no difference with Osmocote Exact Hi.End, which is great as I now have every confidence in switching completely to Osmocote 5 in 2021.

Experiences at Handelskwekerij Bloemkampen

Handelskwekerij Bloemkampen grows a wide range of conifers in Nunspeet. The nursery normally uses Osmocote Exact Hi.End for optimum plant growth. Over the past year the nursery owner, Herco, conducted trials using the new generation Osmocote 5. He is delighted with the results. ‘We observed that Osmocote 5 delivers the same high-quality conifers as Osmocote Exact Hi.End and we are completely confident in making the switch to Osmocote 5 in 2021.’


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