Osmocote 5 Stories: Hibiscus moscheutos in Hungary

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Osmocote 5 Stories: Hibiscus moscheutos in Hungary

Meet the next generation of controlled-release fertilizers: Osmocote 5. The future of stronger and healthier plants is hidden in each of its small granules. With ingenious OTEA-system and brand new NutriMatch-Release technology growers get access to an advanced level of fertilizers, offering exceptional plant health and leaf color. The past year, we have asked customers from all over the world to test the impact of Osmocote 5. In a series of customer stories, we like to share the outcome of the very first trials. These are our customer’s experiences.

Our Osmocote 5 journey brings us to Hungary. Here we meet up with Hugo Ruisz, co-owner of Ruisz Díszfaiskola. Located in Western Hungary, his main cultivars are conifers, dwarf evergreen, shrubs, and Hibiscus moscheutos. It was the Hibiscus moscheutos, or perennial hibiscus, that was chosen for the Osmocote 5 trial. Hugo: “I wish I could have trialled Osmocote 5 inall my crops! I am sure it would have shown the same improvements on for instance evergreens. I certainly need more of the product in 2021.”

“I was shocked to see the huge difference with Osmocote 5, especially the deep green, better color of the leaves.”

Osmocote 5: Growers’ experiences

“After seeing the trial results, I am sure that Osmocote 5 would improve the performance of my other crops as well”, says an enthusiastic Hugo. He started the trial with Osmocote 5 (5-6 months) in 2020. Hugo combined the Osmocote 5 with a continuous daily water soluble fertilizer application. Hugo: “The Hibiscus moscheutos is a high maintenance plant that needs a lot of nutrition.”

Hugo: “I was shocked to see the huge difference with Osmocote 5, especially the deep green, better color of the leaves. The difference was clearly visible. Even the white flower variety that usually shows a paler green color was completely transformed: a result I have been hoping to get for years. The crop also seemed to have more flowers. I am definitely convinced.”

When we asked Hugo if he would recommend Osmocote 5, he thought about it for a moment. He smiles: “I would recommend it for sure, but maybe it would be better to keep the product exclusively for myself.”

We would like to thank Hugo Ruisz for making this trial happen and we hope his business will flourish even more with the use of Osmocote 5!


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