People make the difference at ICL Specialty Fertilizers. We understand that you can make the finest products in the world, but you have got to have passionate and dedicated people to enable customers to use them optimally. ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ experts are constantly on the go and visit customers daily to provide support where it is needed. Fertilizer requirements vary from customer to customer and that’s why putting our experts’ vast knowledge to work on location is so important and valuable.

Are your buyers setting requirements or limits for your fertilizer usage? Do you want to know how to get the most out of your fertilizer plan? Our team of highly specialised advisers is at your service. Contact them with questions about which fertilizers to use in your situation, on how to optimize your fertilizer plan, or about best practices and correct handling.
Our experts also visit farms to assess and follow-up on crops, take samples for nutritional diagnosis, water pH and EC measures using high precision analytical instruments.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ dedicated on-location support and advice is unique in the market. We work hand in hand with customers to develop best fertilization practices and to use our products in the most optimum and envrionmentally friendly way.