Grass seeds

Grass Seeds

ICL only selects the best grass seed cultivars to use, based on their exemplary characteristics. These qualities include: extreme weather conditions, handling of intensive wear and tear, visual appearance and disease resistance. 

ICL provides turf managers, landscaping contractors, green keepers and grounds-men with pure, top-quality seeds to produce a healthy, strong, green turf.


Whatever the management style, climatic conditions or specific soil types a golf course might have, ICL has the ideal seed variety or mixture to deliver a healthy turf.

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Sports fields

ICL knows that constantly providing safe and high-quality playing surface is a difficult challenge for any turf manager. However, ICL can help you achieve this!

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Turf Growers

ICL supplies turf growers with the highest quality grass seed varieties and mixtures. Upon request, even 0/0 quality is available for crop and weed test.

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Landscaper Pro

ICL offers a full grass seed product range that in combination with environmental friendly controlled release fertilizers, moss and weed control fertilizers.

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Seed Variety Info

Developed from our strond breeding partnership worldwide, ICL has an outstanding portfolio of USA and EU turfgrass varieties

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Seed Icon System

The ICL Seed Icon System highlights varieties that excel. What are the meanings of these icons? Find out here!

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