Golf Courses

Whatever the management style, climatic conditions or specific soil types a golf course might have, ICL has the ideal seed variety or mixture to deliver a healthy turf.

Whether Agrostis types for greens, or low maintenance Festuca varieties for roughs, ICL has the right seed types for any golf course.



The Green is where golf games and golf course reputations are won or lost. ICL provides a range of Creeping and Brown top bent grasses as well as ProSelect® mixtures, designed to meet the demands of any golf course.

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For lush, dense and green fairways you can always count on ICL' ProSelect® grass seed mixtures

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Having a beautiful tee area for each is hole is extremely important. It helps provide a serene view of the course, and gives a hard yet cushy feel underneath a golfer’s feet.

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Low maintenance and a natural appearance are key characteristics for the creation of easy to manage roughs.

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