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Landscaper Pro

Landscaping is almost a form of art. Landscapers know their customers want to see an uplifting view of vibrant and lush green on their lawn in warmer months, and know it is safely protected in the colder ones.

With ICL’ landscaping products, not only will the lawn look beautiful, but it will be practical and able to withstand wear and tear. ICL offers a wide range of fertilizers and grass seed blends that are specially formulated specifically for professional landscapers. They are suitable for gardens of all sizes and will help create beautiful lawns, borders and shrubbery.


Landscaper Pro  Flora



LandscaperPro Flora delivers proper plant nutrition using slow release technology. It is intended for borders, trees and miscellaneous potted plants.

Its unique blend of nutrients encourages maximum flowering and optimum health.

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Landscaper Pro tablets (voorheen Sierrablen Plus Flora) Flora Tablet

Flora Tablet


LandscaperPro Flora Tablets are based on Osmocote’s world famous technology. The Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are slowly made available for the plant’s uptake, and not lost into drains, ponds or ditches.

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Landscaper Pro Pre Winter

Pre Winter


LandscaperPro Pre-Winter supplies turf with the proper amount of nutrition to endure the winter months. It also supplies enough nutrition for a great start in the spring.

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Landscaper Pro Allround



LandscaperPro All Round is an all purpose fertilizer designed to deliver long-term nutrition. It is the ideal fertilizer to be integrated into other landscaping programs.

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Landscaper Pro New Grass

New Grass


LandscaperPro New Grass is versatile fertilizer that is great for application on a new lawn or for when renovating an existing lawn.

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Landscaper Pro Maintenance



LandscaperPro Maintenance is a controlled release fertilizer that ensures a consistent distribution of nutrients over a 2 – 3 month period.

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Landscaper Pro Full Season

Full Season


LandscaperPro Full Season is an amazing timesaving fertilizer. One simple application delivers enough nutrients to properly feed the plant throughout the entire growing season.

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Landscaper Pro Stress Control

Stress Control


LandscaperPro Stress Control is a fertilizer that enables turf to handle stress caused by extreme temperatures.

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Landscaper Pro Shade special

Shade special


Shade Special has been developed specifically for grass that gets little or no sunlight.

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