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Landscaper Pro is now available in 5 kg bags!

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Thanks to the special coating technology, our Landscaper Pro fertilizers are released in a controlled manner over a longer period of time. This results in a more efficient, and therefore cheaper fertilization!
Many professionals have already preceded you. Our innovative products are used in the best football leagues and high ranking golf clubs across Europe.
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All Round

All Round

LandscaperPro All Round is an all-purpose fertilizer designed to deliver long-term nutrition. It is the ideal fertilizer to be integrated into other landscaping programs.

Full Season
A c...

Full Season

A controlled-release fertilizer that delivers enough nutrients to properly feed the plant throughout the entire growing season with one simple application.

Pre Winter

Pre Winter

Supplies your turf with the proper amount of nutrition to endure the winter months. It also supplies enough nutrition for a great start in the spring.


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A perfect grass seed mixture for strong and healthy lawns that are frequently used for play and sports.

Benefits of Landscaper Pro 


  Healthy, strong, high quality lawns, plants and shrubs

②  Lawns remain in good condition regardless of sun, shade, ornamental or recreational use

  Smart Start coating ensures that seeds germinate and grow quickly

  Long-lasting, precise plant nutrition with PACE and Poly-S technologie.   

  Less mowing and less nutrient leaching 

  A suitable solution for every situation for optimal results 

Landscaper Pro New Grass

Ideal for use during sowing or laying sods of grass.

Landscaper Pro Flora

Specially developed for borders, shrubs, trees and planters.

Landscaper Pro Shade Special

Specially formulated for use in shaded areas.

Landscaper Pro Pre Winter

The ideal fertilizer to apply in autumn, to protect your lawn during the winter season.

Landscaper Pro All Round

This premium fertilizer provides good resistance to weeds and moss.

Landscaper Pro Full Season

One application is enough for the entire season!

Landscaper Pro Spring & Summer

A strong immediate response, combined with up to 3 months longevity


Landscaper Pro news

Keep your lawn in top condition and stay up-to-date with the latest news from our experts.

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A comparison between two turf fertilizers, Landscaper Pro Full Season (22-5-5) and an organic fertilizer (12-5-11). Which one showed the best results? Read more


Overseeding and...

Overseeding and Repairing Bare Areas

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Landscaper Pro is now also available in 5 kg bags! 

New: The innovative, controlled-release fertilizers of Landscaper Pro are now also available in smaller-sized 5 kg bags. No matter the size of your lawn, it always deserves the high-end care and essential nutrition of Landscaper Pro. Because size doesn’t matter, but quality does.


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