Avg. Sowing Rate

45 g/m2

Mowing Height

12 - 50 mm

ProSelect Renovator 3GLSD

Renovator 3GLSD

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ProSelect Renovator 3GLSD (Gray Leaf and Drought tolerant) is a highquality three way Perennial ryegrass blend containing varieties bred with resistance to gray leaf spot and improved drought tolerance. If you struggle in an area affected by Gray Leaf Spot or just want to have the security against it choose Proselect Renovator 3GLSD. Its dark green color makes it an ideal choice for use on golf courses, sports fields, home lawns and for professional landscapers. Its drought tolerance and fast establishment also make it a great choice where a high-quality overseeding mixture is needed.

Choose the winning formula - choose Proselect Renovator 3GLSD.


1. Reduced fungicide inputs in top 10% of NTEP rankings.
2. Excellent Turf Quality in 85% of trail locations, Performance ranked within best 25% of all varieties.
3. Superior gray leafspot & crown rust resistance. (Average NTEP ranking 8.7 & 7.0).
4. High tolerance to salt over 85% germination at a salinity of 15750 p.p.m.
5. Drought tolerant. Over 94% live ground cover in summer.

Seed Varieties
  • 100% Lolium Perenne
    Grandslam GLD
    Fastball RGL

*varieties subject to availability


Used in many leading European stadiums

Renovator is a blend specially developed for rapid renovation of sports turf and golf fairways subjects to high traffic levels. In addition to its practical features, ProSelect Renovator combines an attractive appearance and intense color.

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