Quality Assurance

Reliability from mine to farmyard
At ICL Specialty Fertilizers quality assurance is one of our most important pillars. Our responsibility spans the entire lifecycle of our fertilizers. From raw materials mined in ICL’s own phosphate and potash mines to the finished fertilizer product, we subject our fertilizers to thorough quality control. Quality control has the highest priority in all our production facilities.

Raw materials
Quality assurance starts with the control of our raw materials. ICL operates own mines in 4 countries: we extract potash, phosphate, bromine, magnesium & other minerals in Israel, potash and salt in Spain, potash, salt, Polysulphate™ and other minerals in the UK and phosphates in China. This enables us to keep our raw materials to the highest standard.

Raw materials that we do not produce ourselves, are procured from our network of suppliers. Before we partner with raw materials producers, they are subjected to our supplier control.ll fertilizer constituents used in our production comply with REACH regulation.

Maintaining quality standards in our fertilizer production processes is a an intricate job.
Coated, controlled release fertilizers pass quality control checks at every stage in their production. We control the roundness, hardness and diameter of granules, NPK and trace element levels, longevity and release patterns.
Water soluble fertilizers are checked on nutrient contents, texture, solubility, and solution color.
All ICL SF fertilizers meet the very strict regulations and requirements (EC No. 2003/2003) for safe and effective fertilizers in the EU market as set by the European Union, and are therefore classed as “EC fertilizers”. To achieve EC status, fertilizers must, amongst others, “provide nutrients effectively, not harm human, animal or plant health or the environment and demonstrate they have been subjected to relevant sampling, analysis and testing. Manufacturers must keep records that ensure the fertilizers’ traceability while they’re on the market plus a further 2 years thereafter.” 

Storage and handling

Quality assurance doesn't end with the control of the finished goods. Fertilizers are stored in optimized cool and dry conditions to ensure they reach our customers in the best possible state.

Delivery and usage
Fertilizers must be stored and handled safely after they have been delivered to the customer, you, too. Correct storage and handling prevents nutrient losses and ensures the safety of your personnel. Don't worry, we've got you covered: read everything you need to know in our fertilizer storage checklist.
Our products are delivered equipped with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The SDS contains all important product information, including safety precautionary measures, ingredient and composition specifications, health and environmental hazards, and transport and handling. You can download the SDS for the ICL products you use via the SDS Viewer.

Any questions about your fertilizers?
Our care doesn't end with the sale and delivery of our products. Do you have a question about how to use our products? Do you want to optimize your fertilizer plan? Are you concerned by requirements set by your buyers? Our local ICL Specialty Fertilizers advisers are happy to help you make the best choice. Read more about them here.