Corporate Responsibility

A Greener world
ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a leading global specialty fertilizer manufacturer and in this role we fully recognise the importance of responsible environmental protection and sustainable practice. We embrace our responsibility to sound environmental stewardship. We consequently have a range of stringent measures in place to ensure that our processes and business processes are as sustainable as possible. We have implemented EMS (Environmental Management System) and gained ISO 14001 certification.

In line with our commitment to the environment, ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a member of the Responsible Care® Programme that is dedicated to achieving improvements in environmental global health, safety and environmental performance.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a signatory to the principles of the Responsible Care Global Charter of the International Council of Chemical Associations. The principles cover product stewardship, responsibility for environmental risk management, increased transparency across the supply chain, contribution to sustainable development, increased dialogue with stakeholders and external controls.
Environmental Policy 
ICL Specialty Fertilizers believes in working together for a greener and more sustainable future. We embrace our responsibility to promote a sustainable environment and have consequently established an environmental policy based on three core values.
Protecting the environment 
This part of our policy focuses on protecting the natural environment. It stipulates that we avoid processes that generate gaseous pollutant emissions and install closed circuits for waste water recycling. We also commit to providing all our employees with the required training and tools to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Our duty to protect the environment further entails ensuring all our facilities and processes fulfil all the legal requirements and aiming to reduce energy and water consumption.
Monitoring environmental impact 
In our policy we commit to assess the environmental impact of all our processes. We also actively invest in new cleaner and safer technologies to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Promoting best agronomic practices 
ICL Specialty Fertilizers promotes best agronomic practices in order to ensure safe and optimum use of fertilizers. We fulfil a key role in this process by advising our customers on the best way to transport, store and handle our products with a view to the environment. We also promote tailor-made fertilization techniques so that the dose precisely matches the plant’s specific needs.
Social Responsibility
ICL Specialty Fertilizers embraces its corporate social responsibility to the local and global community. Our activities in this area extend from assuring optimum environmental performance to promoting health and safety.

We have implemented EMS (Environmental Management System) and gained ISO 14001 as key steps in our CSR programme. Maintaining an effective EMS in full compliance with ISO 14001 reflects our firm commitment to minimise the environmental effects of our activities and to continually improve our environmental performance.
Responsible Care®
ICL Specialty Fertilizers has implemented the international Responsible Care® Programme. This means we have established our commitment to continually improve our environmental, health and safety performance and to engage in active dialogue with all our stakeholders. As a Responsible Care® participant, we are dedicated to achieving the goal of zero accidents and no damage to the environment.
ICL Specialty Fertilizers holds an RHP certificate that is a leading hallmark of quality in horticulture. Only products that meet the highest standards for safety, cleanliness and quality are entitled to bear the RHP quality mark.
Global GAP 
ICL Specialty Fertilizers is an associate member of Global GAP. It is the internationally recognised standard for farm production and confirms ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ commitment to good agricultural practice.