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Osmocote 5

The next generation


Straight from the Osmocote Green Lab: the new Osmocote 5 range. Each bag contains small granules with big impact on plant growth, leaf color, plant strength and resilience, thanks to OTEA-system and NutriMatch-Release technology.


Osmocote 5 product range



As previous gen...

As previous generations of Osmocote, the quality of Osmocote 5 is unrivalled. Click to learn more about the product's advantages.

Even better lea...

Even better leaf color and greener plants are among the benefits of Osmocote 5. But there is more!

Osmocote 5 cont...

Osmocote 5 contains innovative technologies that lead to a better match with the plant needs.

Tried, tested and approved by growers

Like any Osmocote innovation delivered by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, Osmocote 5 was subject to thorough research and testing. Independent European field trials, as well as trials by growers across the globe, put the next generation fertilizer to the test. Find out what growers like you have to say about Osmocote 5 and review the test results for yourself.

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