Osmocote 5

The next generation

Meet the next generation of controlled release fertilizers: Osmocote 5

The future of stronger and healthier plants is hidden in each of its small granules. With ingenious OTEA-system and brand new NutriMatch-Release technology, growers get access to an advanced level of plant nutrition, offering exceptional plant growth and leaf color. Want to make a big impact with your plants? Choose Osmocote 5.

Osmocote 5 3-4...
Osmocote 5 3-4M

Osmocote 5 5-6...
Osmocote 5 5-6M

Osmocote 5 8-9...
Osmocote 5 8-9M

Osmocote 5 12-...
Osmocote 5 12-14M

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