Osmocote 5

The next generation

Main advantages of Osmocote 5

For growers, Osmocote 5 offers the following advantages:


Extraordinary leaf color, thanks to the OTEA-system, which supplies trace elements in an entirely new way.

Nutrients supplied exactly when the plant needs them through NutriMatch-Release technology, generating healthier plants of a higher quality, with improved branching, earlier budding, and improved leaf color.

Greater resilience, thanks to smooth and steady plant growth enabled by NutriMatch-Release technology, which doses lower nutrient levels at the start of the crop growth, and accelerates later during the main growing season.

Benefits of Osmocote 5

1. Even better leaf color

2. Quality at the moment of sale

3. Plant strength & resilience

Innovative technologies for improved plant quality

5th GenerationW...

5th Generation
With over 50 years of experience and continuous development, Osmocote 5 is the 5th generation of innovative Osmocote controlled release fertilizer.


NutriMatch-Release technology
For an NPK release pattern that matches the plant's needs closer than ever before. It makes the uptake and use of applied plant nutrition even more efficient and effective.


Optimizes the availability of trace elements in the growing media and their uptake by plants. Resulting in the best possible leaf color and growth, and greater disease resistance.

Daily release pattern of nutrients

Osmocote 5 is compared to its predecessor Osmocote Exact Hi.End.
The daily release of nutrients show the following pattern:
Daily NPK release (longevity: 8-9 M)