Osmocote 5

The next generation

Tried, tested and approved

Like every Osmocote innovation, Osmocote 5 has undergone rigorous testing in various locations across the globe prior to its introduction. ICL conducted multiple field trials in Europe and even Australia. The trials were carried out in different ways, climatic conditions, using different crops, potting mixtures, longevities, application methods and rates. Independent European research stations and demo trials at growers have validated the results gathered in the trials at our own field-trial stations.


Osmocote 5 at our European trial station



Everyone agrees: Osmocote 5 offers big impact!


“Improved color retention
and side branching”


Steve Koelewyn of Coolwyn Nurseries in Victoria, Australia, tested the impact of Osmocote 5 on his premier volume line of Magnolia Teddy Bear and got better results than he expected. “Stock retains color longer, we noticed improved side branching and overall better plant structure”, Steve tells ICL... Read more


“A very b...

“A very beautiful,
unusually green color”


Vladislav Kovalchuk, owner of Nursery AGRO, used several crops in the Osmocote 5 trial, including the Vanilla Fraise variety of Hydrangea Paniculata. Osmocote 5 was compared to other Osmocote fertilizers such as Osmocote Exact standard and Osmocote Exact Hi.End. Vladislav: “My first reaction was the difference in color. It was clearly visible across all crops!” Read more


“A unifor...

“A uniform and well-colored stock”

Lüers nursery produces around 1.6 million Calluna Vulgaris of 40 varieties each year. As one of their main crops, it was the obvious choice for the Osmocote 5 trial. Thorsten Lüers: "Two extreme rainfall events this summer, just two weeks apart, were a major stress test for the Osmocote 5 trial." Read more


“Osmocote 5 is our guarantee”

At Mas de Valero nursery they have based their fertilization plan on a combination of Osmocote Exact and Universol for years. With the help of his ICL technical advisor, Pablo Bordón set up an Osmocote 5 trial in Trachycarpus fortunei. Read more

“Good and...

“Good and many healthy roots”

In Obříství, Czechia, you will find the tree nursery of Jaroslav Zeman: Arboeko Nursery. To trial Osmocote 5, Jaroslav chose various Juniperus crops, Prunus Laurocerasus Mano and Otto Luyken. “We observed that the Juniperus crops had a very good growth in autumn. The plants had good and many healthy roots. Shoots were strong and well-matured.”... Read more


“Greener ...

“Greener foliage, bigger
branching, earlier flowering”

In the Mureș district in Romania, Ibolya Farkas, owner of Faribo Nursery, says: “Osmocote 5 is a perfect product”. Wow. “Based on the trials, Osmocote 5 showed either the same results as Osmocote Exact Hi.End, or even excelled. Crops showed a more advanced development, darker green foliage and a bigger branching. I also noticed earlier flowering.” Read more


“Less fer...

“Less fertilizer for high quality plants”

Oleander nursery Vivai del Mela on Sicily achieves uniformity and quality thanks to advanced technologies and fertilizers. Co-owner and production manager Franco Maimone was keen to trial Osmocote 5. Franco: "This is a chance for us to apply less fertilizer and still maintain high quality plants." Read more


“Osmocote 5 is easier to process”


In 2020, Gerard de Regt, co-owner of Ahlers nursery, tested Osmocote 5 in several cultures for the first time. Gerard: “One advantage of Osmocote 5 is the better processing of the fertilizer granules in comparison with Hi.End. Osmocote 5 makes it easier for our machines to process the granules, both for plant-hole application and top-dressing.” Read more



“Noticeably larger and much greener”

Hans Orths of Orths Nursery decided to trial Osmocote 5 in four different Gardenia varieties. Hans: "We were keen to see if we could gain any benefits from Osmocote 5." Hans noticed the first differences within 8 weeks, but the real difference became visible about six months into the trial. Read more

“A far mo...

“A far more consistent crop”


Andrew Raper, owner of Rhodoglen Nurseries, was keen to be involved in the trials of Osmocote 5. The results did not disappoint him. “Compared to the control batch, Osmocote 5 produced a far more consistent crop, with improved branching, earlier budding and improved color retention. Importantly, the trial batch was the first to sell due to earlier finishing...Read more


“Better c...

“Better coloration and better growth”

In the south of France, Osmocote 5 was tested at Combes nursery. Purchase manager Mathieu Combes repotted 75% of his production with Osmocote 5 in this full-scale trial. Mathieu: "Osmocote is the only fertilizer that stands out in terms of quality and consistency." Read more

“We sold ...

“We sold our Taxus quickly”


Pawica nursery from the south of Poland, an area with a demanding climate, tried Osmocote 5. “We chose Taxus for the trial, which we planted in April. The results exceeded our expectations. We sold our Taxus quickly, because they were good looking, healthy, dense and well-branched, with a strong root system. We obtained the highest quality result...Read more


“A deep g...

“A deep green leaf color”

Hugo Ruisz, co-owner of Ruisz Díszfaiskola, in Western Hungary, tried Osmocote 5 with Hibiscus Moscheutos. Hugo: “I was amazed to see the huge difference with Osmocote 5, especially the deep green, better color of the leaves. Even the white flower variety that usually shows a paler green color, was completely transformed!” Read more


“Secure a...

“Secure and continuous
supply of nutrients”

Peter Opschroef, a grower of Anthurium in Straelen, West Germany tried Osmocote 5 in his company Aflora, which produces pot plants under controlled conditions, under glass. Keen on innovation, Peter was eager to try Osmocote 5. And found out that it is the controlled release fertilizer of the future… Read more



“Uniformity in plant development”

At nursery Timo Schröder they could hardly wait to test Osmocote 5. The quality of their young Rhododendron plants is very important to their customers, which is why there is a particular emphasis on a uniform and stable cultivation. Read more

“Every co...

“Every confidence in switching completely”

Dutch growers who trialed Osmocote 5 in Wisteria and Skimmia have seen great results in their plants. Read more

“Keen to ...

“Keen to use the latest fertilizer technology”

Zu Jeddeloh nursery tested Osmocote 5 in various crops, including conifers and rhododendron. Jan zu Jeddeloh: "The quality of the sensitive cultures where we applied Osmocot 5 was very high. We are keen to use the latest fertilizer technology for our production." Read more

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