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PeKacid Technology

It combines the advantages and efficiency of phosphoric acid with the ease and safety of a solid crystalline fertilizer. The use of PeKacid (An “acid in the bag”product) replaces the conventional application of technical- and agriculturalgrade phosphoric acid, resulting in an easier, safer and more effective fertilization process. Due to its acidic nature, PeKacid has an anti-clogging action and enhances nutrients’ uptake. ICL Specialty Fertilizers uses PeKacid technology in many of their water-soluble fertigation formulations.

The benefits of PeKacid Technology:

  • Reduces pH of hard water when applied directly into the water
  • Prevents clogging in the irrigation / fertigation systems, in turn allowing uniform water and fertilizer distribution across the field
  • Cleans clogged drippers by dissolving precipitates formed during irrigation /fertigation
  • The acidification effect decreases P-fixation in the rhizosphere and promotes (trace)elements uptake in alkaline soils (pH >7)
  • Simplifies handling thanks to the unique dry form of phosphoric acid.
Keep your fertigation driplines clean!

PeKacid Test:

ICL is proud to present the PeKacid advisor App.  
Water quality can affect foliar applications and reduce foliar product efficiency. The PeKacid Advisor helps you to quickly adjust the spraying water pH to the desired level by taking into account your initial water pH and its bicarbonate level. Click on the image below for more info!