Agrolution pHLow, acidyfing power improves nutrient uptake

      PeKacid effect


Agrolution pHLow products contain PekAcid Technology

The acidic nature of Agrolution pHLow means that all the nutritional elements dissolve more efficiently, even in hard water. It is made of the purest ingredients and all trace elements in the fertilizer are chelated. It will keep the drip lines free of lime scale build up.

Agrolution pHLow is a safe method compared to handling liquid mineral acids.

PeKacid Technology

It combines the advantages and efficiency of phosphoric acid with the ease and safety of a solid crystalline fertilizer.
The use of PeKacid (An “acid in the bag” product) replaces the conventional application of technical- and agriculturalgrade phosphoric acid, resulting in an easier, safer and more effective
fertilization process. Due to its acidic nature, PeKacid has an anti-clogging action and enhances nutrients’ uptake.

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