Agromaster, Less is More!

ICL´s vision on a more sustainable way of farming by using controlled release fertilizers 

✓ Improving nutrition delivery
and efficiency
✓ Reducing fertilizer, labor and
resource input
✓ Generating optimal yield per
✓ Minimizing nutrient loss by reducing leaching, volatilization and runoff

Fewer applications, reduced leaching, more sustainable

One of ICL Specialty Fertilizers mottos is: Less is More. By this we mean that by using less fertilizer you can reap more rewards. As a company, we have chosen to aim for the most efficient application of nutrients. 
The underlying concept behind fertilizer usage is to increase worldwide food production and, of course, financial returns for growers. The composition of fertilizers based on the needs of the plant is at the very core of our vision for the future. Through precise fertilization we are able to contribute to an increase in food production.

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