Sportsmaster Base


Sportsmaster Base


This creates a turf that has even growth, color and quality. This granular fertilizer breaks down quickly which accelerates its effect, even in colder temperatures. Sportsmaster products allow for an easy application and its granules provide for even distribution. It has the longevity of a conventional fertilizer and is suitable for outfields, fairways and amenity turf which are cut at 6mm or higher. Sportsmaster is safe and reliable, and a great economical choice for turf nutrition. With its wide range of analyses and flexible application rates, you can provide your turf with premium nutrition, no matter what your budget is.


Sportsmaster Base Cal K Mag


Sportsmaster Base contains a unique multi-nutrient compound fertilizer. The multi-nutrient compound fertilizer component contains four macro-nutrients (K, MgO, CaO & S) all in one granule.

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