Avg Sowing Rate

12.5 g/m²

Mowing Height

3 - 35 mm

Cynodon dactylon Professionals Choice

Professionals Choice

  • Advantages
  • Growth habits and characteristics
  • Directions for Use
  • Seed Varieties
  • Dual performance using two varieties
  • Very deep rooted with 
  • aggressive rhizomes
  • Improved winter survival
  • Quick spring green-up
  • Moderately good salt tolerance
Growth habits and characteristics

Growth Habit and Characteristics

  • Aggressive, prostrate, spreading growth habit
  • Uniform and dense with dark green color and fine blade width
  • Very deep rooted with aggressive rhizomes
  • Performs well in a wide range of soil types, pH range of 5.5 - 8.0
  • 1800 seeds per gram

 Performance Characteristics/Adaptations

  • Outstanding performance in key turf categories such as overall turf quality, color, density, texture, and cold tolerance
  • Improved winter survival over most seeded Bermuda grass varieties
  • Quick spring green-up
  • Excellent performance in heat and humidity; for all areas of Bermuda grass adaptation
  • Very low water use with excellent drought tolerance
  • Very good traffic tolerance and recovery
  • Moderately good salt tolerance
  • Adapted to full sun
Directions for Use

Establishment and Maintenance

  • For hulled seed at 10 - 15 gr/m², coated seed at 20 - 25 gr/m²
  • Best planted spring through mid-summer; fall plantings not recommended
  • Seedbed should be kept moist during germination and early establishment
  • Germinates in 10 - 14 days with optimal soil temperatures, 18° - 24° C
    Do not plant with soil temperatures below 15° C
  • Full coverage in approximately 8 weeks.
  • For quick coverage and density, provide optimal irrigation, early weed control, frequent light applications of nitrogen, and frequent low mowing
  • First mowing recommended when turf reaches approximately 5 cm in height

 Established Turf Maintenance

  • For best performance, fertilize at 2 - 5 g/m² of nitrogen per growing month
  • Deep, infrequent irrigations are best throughout the growing season
  • Recommended mowing height of 0.5 – 2.5 cm
  • For best turf quality, renovation, aeration, and topdressing are recommended during the active growing season; in climates with cold winters, summer renovation is best; allow time for full recovery prior to onset of cooler temperatures
  • For winter color, overseed with improved perennial ryegrass at 50 - 75 gr/m²
Seed Varieties
  • 100% Bermuda grass blend
  • Dual performance using two varieties
  • Very deep rooted with
  • aggressive rhizomes
  • Improved winter survival
  • Quick spring green-up
  • Moderately good salt tolerance

Razdoblje korištenja

  • Siječanj
  • Veljača
  • Ožujak
  • Travanj
  • Svibanj
  • Lipanj
  • Srpanj
  • Kolovoz
  • Rujan
  • Listopad
  • Studeni
  • Prosinac