Avg Sowing Rate

40 g/m²

Mowing Height

25 - 35 mm

Festuca Arundinacea Gazelle II

Gazelle II

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Perfect for sports fields, "rec" turf, roughs, roadsides, etc
  • Fine textured leaves
  • Bunch type and moderate upright growth
  • Dense and uniformed, dark green turf
  • Exemplary seedling vigor with deep rooting
  • Great for hot / humid climates

Gazelle II has a fine texture with bunch-type and moderate upright growth. It delivers a densely uniformed dark green turf. It also has exceptional seedling vigor which eventually becomes deeply rooted.

Gazelle II performs outstanding in hot and humid climates; providing great turf density during the summer months.

Directions for Use

Establishment and maintenance
For best results, seed at 30 – 50gr/m2 with a high-quality, starter fertilizer in early autumn or spring. The seedbed should be kept moist throughout germination and establishment.

In optimal temperatures (15° - 26°C), germinating will begin within 8 – 14 days. Before cutting for the first time, make sure the turf has reached approximately 5cm.

Established Turf Maintenance
Best results occur when annually fertilized with Nitrogen at a rate of 20 – 25gr/m2. For a deep and healthy root system, water deeply and infrequently. ICL recommends a cutting height of 3 – 8cm.

Gazelle II is a tall fescue that is ideal for: sports fields, recreational turf, golf course roughs, roadsides and erosion control. It is part of ICL’ Low grow, Brown patch resistance, Shade and Wear tolerance programs.


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