Pack size

3 litre S-pack bottle

Pack coverage

3 litres per hectare

Water volume

125-500 litres per hectare

Maximum applications

4 per year

Fungicides Medallion TL

Fungicides Medallion TL

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Fast-acting knockdown of Microdochium (Fusarium) spores in the leaf, thatch and soil
  • Long lasting protection shield against disease
  • Bio-inspired Contact+ activity
  • Rainfast in 1 hour

Medallion TL offers powerful and targeted control of pathogens responsible for key turf diseases, including Microdochium (Fusarium) Patch, Anthracnose and Leaf Spot. It's Contact+ activity tackles damaging pathogens on the leaf, thatch and soil surface to use the fungicidal activity of the active ingredient with maximum efficiency.

Medallion TL contains 125g/litres fludioxonil, MAPP No. 15287.

Directions for Use

Apply 3 litres in 125-500 litres of water per hectare. For spot treatments, use 30ml in 1.25-5 litres of water to treat an area of 100m2.

Apply in a preventative spray programme, starting when conditions become favourable for disease development. Apply 3 litres per hectare with a maimum number of 4 sprays per year. A minimum interval of 14 days should be observed between applications.

Medallion TL is a fast acting bio-inspired fungicide with Contact+ activity that delivers outstanding levels of disease control and exceptional long-term results.

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