Lolium Perenne Breakout


  • Advantages
  • Growth habits and characteristics
  • Directions for use
  • Seed Varieties
  • Smooth Transition Technology
  • Excellent Turf Quality
  • Blends well with other grasses
  • Dark Green Color
  • Ideal for all over-seeding needs
  • High Density Turf
  • Finer Leaved
Growth habits and characteristics

Unlike annual ryegrasses, Breakout is quite different from all other over-seeding turf grasses. While most perennial ryegrasses hold on too long in summer, Breakout transitions smoothly and in a predictable way, allowing the warm-season base to recuperate without having to compete. Avoids the need for chemical applications or reseeding of the warm-season base. Breakout is an ideal choice, combining the speed and transition ability of an annual ryegrass, with the appearance of perennial ryegrass.

For your warm-season grass base, the transition into and out of cooler winter months is crucial for over-seeding turf. If over-seeded varieties don’t develop quickly enough, the result could be a brown, dormant sward susceptible to damage. There’s a risk that turf may need to be shut down, losing you play time and revenue. You need rapid germination, giving you green ground cover and a
playable surface as quickly as possible. Equally important is the transition from over-seeded grass back to your warm-season base. If grass lingers too long, it can cause serious damage to the warm-season base.

Most perennial ryegrass varieties are bred to be more drought-tolerant and survive longer in higher temperatures, fine for permanent cool-season applications, but detrimental to your warm-season base.

Directions for use

Seeding and Overseeding
Breakout establishes easily on loosened bare soil or after verticutting existing turf for renovation and over-seeding. For typical new seeding applications, apply at a rate of 30-60g per square metre. Periodic reseeding at 20-35g per square metre maintains density for visual appearance and durability. For over-seeding dormant warm season grasses for golf course fairways, a recommended rate is 35-70g per square metre.

Breakout forms a tight knit turf under a broad range of soil types and environmental conditions, from full sun to medium shade and mows cleanly at heights of 12mm and above. Due to increased shoot density and more compact growth profile, Breakout can be maintained at fairway levels with the correct nutrition and maintenance programme.

Seed Varieties
  • 100% Perennial Ryegrass

A new and revolutionary Annual ryegrass for overseeding warm-season grass or for cool-season turf when you need ground cover quickly. Establishes fast resulting in superior quality turf that withstands wear. Has finer leaf blade and texture similar to perennial ryegrass.

Razdoblje korištenja

  • Siječanj
  • Veljača
  • Ožujak
  • Travanj
  • Svibanj
  • Lipanj
  • Srpanj
  • Kolovoz
  • Rujan
  • Listopad
  • Studeni
  • Prosinac