Avg Sowing Rate

32.5 g/m²

Mowing Height

10 - 40 mm

Over Seeding Rate

50 g/m²

Lolium perenne Pronto


  • Advantages
  • Growth habits and characteristics
  • Directions for Use
  • Seed Varieties


  • All year round performance
  • Outstanding winter hardiness
  • Excellent tolerance to saline conditions
  • Dark green colour
Growth habits and characteristics

Growth Habit and Characteristics

  • Excellent early spring green up
  • Dense fine leaved compact growth habit
  • Dark green in colour

Performance Characteristics/Adaptations

  • Very winter hardy
  • In Arizona, Pronto ranked among the best on: establishment, colour, density, texture, quality, and transition.
  • Good Brown patch resistance
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Tolerance to close mowing down to 4mm when overseeding greens
  • Tolerant of salt water irrigation 7500ppm
  • In trials, maintained 98% ground cover at 10000ppm salt concentration
Directions for Use

Establishment and Maintenance

  • For sports turf / residential / commercial /approx. 30-35 gr/m² / early fall and spring seeding
  • 40–60 gr/m² for over-seeding dormant Bermuda grass
  • Seedbed should be kept moist during germination and establishment
  • Germinates in 5-8 days with optimal soil temperatures
  • Full coverage expected in 6-8 weeks
  • First mowing recommended when turf reaches approximately 4 cm in height

Established Turf Maintenance

  • For best results, fertilize at annual rate of 20-25 gr/m² of nitrogen
  • Deep, infrequent irrigation best during cooler months / increase frequency during the summer months / to assist spring transition, reduce irrigation
  • Recommended mowing height of 1 - 4 cm
Seed Varieties
  • 100% Lolium Perenne

Pronto is a perennial ryegrass and ideal for sports fields, golf course fairways and recreational turf.


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