ProSelect All-Bent


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Seed Varieties
  • Triple variety blend
  • All UK STRI rated varieties
  • Excellent all-round disease resistance
  • Reduced nutrient input

The varieties of Troy, Egmont and Denso provide a broad spectrum disease resistance which lends itself to reduce fungicide inputs.

Browntop bents by nature are less demanding in terms of their nutrient and water requirements making this blend an ideal choice for greenkeeper wishing to follow a more integrated approach to their greens management

Seed Varieties
  • 100% Agrostis Capillaris

*varieties subject to availability

ProSelect All-Bent is a triple variety Agrostis capillaris blend designed for golf and bowling green renovation as well as establishment of newly constructed greens. Each variety offers individual strenghts but combined, forms a highly competitive greens surface to out-compete Poa annua.

Razdoblje korištenja

  • Siječanj
  • Veljača
  • Ožujak
  • Travanj
  • Svibanj
  • Lipanj
  • Srpanj
  • Kolovoz
  • Rujan
  • Listopad
  • Studeni
  • Prosinac