Pack size

454 water-soluble sachets

Packs per outer

Nine sachets in one bucket

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Specialty products ProCrystal

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Improves the clarity of water within days
  • Restores the natural balance of the target environment
  • Available in hydrosoluble single-dose sachets for ease of application

ProCrystal is designed to control swimming or floating unicellular and filamentous algae found in ponds or stagnant expanses of water.

These algae develop in nutrient-rich waters and are the main cause of oxygen depletion of the water following their decay. Apart from the aesthetic unpleasantness caused, they create a physical obstacle to activities such as irrigation, water sports, fishing or fish farming.

For eco-friendly algae control in slow moving or stagnant water.

Razdoblje korištenja

  • Siječanj
  • Veljača
  • Ožujak
  • Travanj
  • Svibanj
  • Lipanj
  • Srpanj
  • Kolovoz
  • Rujan
  • Listopad
  • Studeni
  • Prosinac