• Oxid
  • Elemi
Összes nitrogén (N) 4%
ammónium-nitrogén (N-NH4) 3,6%
karbamid-nitrogén (CO(NH2)2) 0,4%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) 16%
Water soluble (P205) 16,0%
Potassium Oxide (K20) 4%
Water soluble (K20) 4,0%
bór (B) 0,10%
vízoldható 0,10%
molibdén (Mo) 4,000%
vízoldható 4,000%
Összes nitrogén (N) 4%
ammónium-nitrogén (NH4-N) 3,6%
karbamid-nitrogén (CO(NH2)2) 0,4%
foszfor (P) 7,0%
vízoldható 7,0%
kálium (K) 3,3%
vízoldható 3,3%
bór (B) 0,10%
vízoldható 0,10%
molibdén (Mo) 4,000%
vízoldható 4,000%


6 ±0.5

Density (g/cc) at 20°C

1.28 - 1.29

Chelates stable at

pH 4-8

Agroleaf Liquid MolyComplex



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Plants need molybdenum for chemical changes associated with N nutrition. In non-legumes molybdenum enables plants to use the nitrates taken up from the soil. If there is a deficiency, nitrates accumulate in the leaves and the plant is unable to make proteins resulting in stunting and symptoms similar to N deficiency In legume crops molybdenum is also essential for the root nodule bacteria (Rhyzobia) to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Legumes are particularly molybdenum hungry crops as they need more molybdenum to fix nitrogen than to utilize nitrates. 

Agroleaf Liquid MolyComplex is a product developed for use in both foliar and root applications

Directions for use

Foliar sprays
Dilute at a rate of 50-100 cc/Hl and never exceed the 3 L/ Ha per application. In case of horticultural crops, when applied in the early stages of cultivation, ensure that plants have at least 4-5 true leaves and use the minimum dose. Treatments should be applied late in the afternoon or early in the morning when the temperature is low and the humidity high. Treatments should not be applied during hours with ample sunshine. It is recommended to use a wetting agent.


MolyComplex must not be mixed with oil products or those products that determine significant changes in pH of the medium, whether by acid or alkaline reaction.

A test should be performed or the ICL Technical Department should be consulted to find out the compatibility of particular mixtures.

Agroleaf Liquid MolyComplex is a NPK fertilizer with a high concentration of molybdenum, indicated as a nutritional supplement for plants requiring large amounts of this micronutrient and, in particular, to prevent and correct any changes associated with deficiencies.