Fertigation fertilizers

Fertigation features a host of added value

Fertigation is a technique by which soluble fertilizers are mixed with the irrigation water to enhance crop production. It is a highly effective and flexible tool for controlling placement, timing and nutrient application method. This enables precise nutrition to be applied according to the soil fertility status and growth stage of any crop.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers sets the standard in fertigation fertilizer technology. The focus of this technology is on the acidifying effect that produces a range of benefits:

  • Enhance nutrient uptake: Acidifies the soil environment, which increases the availability and uptake of P and micronutrients.
  • Lower pH: Reduces water pH by being applied directly to hard water.
  • Avoid clogging: Provides acidity to neutralise and dissolve bicarbonates, avoiding clogging of drippers and pipes.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers uses PeKacid™ in its formulations.

The benefits of fertigation fertilizer technology:
  • Nutrients are applied at the exactly the rate needed by the plant in its actual growth stage, preventing deficiencies even at periods of high nutrients uptake.
  • The nutrients are applied uniformly across the irrigated area.
  • The grower can immediately respond to environmental changes that may affect the plant nutrients requirements profile.
  • Fertigation allows for reduced soil salinity, sodicity or acidity.
  • Fertigation can be used for all types of irrigation systems and growth conditions.


Agrolution Special

Agrolution Special is designed to effectively deliver the correct proportion of nutrients to crops grown in soft water situations. Agrolution Special products set the standard for fruits and vegetables grown on substrate and in soil.

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For a good and easy way to use WSF NPK, Solinure is the right choice. You can rely on Solinure’s purity, ease of use and a marked crop response.

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Agrolution pHLow

Agrolution pHLow products help grow better fruits and vegetables in hard water situations. They are made of pure ingredients and are 100% water soluble.

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Our Select range of fully soluble single source, fertigation fertilizers are extremely pure and offer great consistency.

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