Select range provides with all ingredients growers need

Select fully water-soluble single-fertigation fertilizers are specially selected and produced for professionals in fertigation. Select fertilizers are derived from a single unrivalled quality source and are very soluble. They can be mixed with other Select products or compound water-soluble fertigation fertilizers such as Agrolution pHLow, Agrolution Special, Solinure GT and Solinure FX fertilizers.
Pure and clean fertilizers are needed to grow vegetables and cash crops safely. Some specific growth conditions call for fertilizer mixes that are adjusted to the specific conditions.
The Select line provides the solution!




Select MagPhos is a no nitrogen containing, white crystalline, fully soluble, free flowing magnesium fertigation fertilizer that also contains phosphorus and potassium.

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Select MKP is the high grade, white solid crystalline, fully soluble, free flowing phosphorus potassium fertigation fertilizer. The purity of the product allows both elements to be easily taken up. Select MKP has a low salt index which makes it the ideal phosphorus and potassium containing fertilizer for fertigation. Select MKP is, for pure fertigation purposes, exclusively sold via Everris in many countries.

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Select MAP 12-61-0 is a high grade, white crystalline, fully soluble, free flowing phosphorus fertigation fertilizer containing ammonium-nitrogen. Both elements can be easily and quickly taken up due to its complete and rapid solubility.

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Select KCl is the high grade, fully soluble, economical, free flowing potassium fertigation fertilizer that contains potassium. When applied in open field fertigation conditions Select KCl can replace potassium nitrate. This limits the accumulation of nitrates in the soil and creates great value for money for the user. Select KCl fertigated crops can benefit from the included chlorides when it comes to taste, shelf life and fruit firmness of the crop.

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Select QuicK-Mg is a double salt of potassium/magnesium chloride. Both cations (i.e. potassium and magnesium) are highly important in all crops' mineral nutrition, and form an important part of soils' cation exchange capacity (CEC). It can be easily and quickly taken up by the plant roots due to its complete and rapid solubility.

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Select PeKacid is the only solid, highly acidifying, dry mono-crystal, free flowing and water soluble fertigation fertilizer that contains both phosphorus and potassium.

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Mag S


Select Mag S is a fully soluble fertilizer, formulated as free-flowing whitish crystals. It is highly beneficial in preventing and correcting magnesium (Mg) deficiencies in crops, and in growth stages, when the crops require high Mg rates.

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