Golf courses, sportsfields & landscape

Turf & Landscape

ICL's Turf and Landscape segment dedicates itself to providing you with outstanding products and solutions that will deliver perfect grass. We offer a vast range of high-quality grass seed and fertilizers, all which make golf greens faster, sports fields stronger and parks greener.

Through continuous research and development, using the best technology available, ICL has an answer to whatever demands you have.


As the world leader in fertilizer manufacturing, ICL has a vast range of solutions to deliver reliable and exemplary results.

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Wetting agents

Our unique and flexible range of wetting agents are designed to optimise water management and help prevent Dry patch.

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Plant Protection & Control

When it comes to protecting turf and managing amenity areas, our range of plant protection and control products provides the majority of tools you'll need in your armoury.

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Grass seed

The varieties in our range of grass seeds have been developed through an extensive breeding selection.

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Specialty products

Our speciality products are designed to help you manage areas of landscaping, including tree and shrub plantings.

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Product application

Spreaders that are reliable and efficient are a crucial part of a turf manager’s inventory. In order to get the best results from your fertilizer it is crucial to apply it accurately.

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