Greenmaster Liquid

Greenmaster Liquid

Geeenmaster Liquid applies advanced liquid nutrition technology which includes ICL’s unique TMax nutrient-uptake activator. TMax is a blend of chelating agents, nutrient-uptake accelerators, vitamins and surface-active-agents (surfactants) which improves the efficiency uptake of the fertilizer.

Greenmaster Liquid is a great liquid and foliar feed fertilizer as it delivers advanced liquid nutrition with an evenly spread application, which aims at maximum nutrient uptake.

Greenmaster Liquid High N

High N


Greenmaster Liquid High N has a high Nitrogen content to deliver a fast initial effect.

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Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer


Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer is ideal to use during main growing periods. It has a complete NPK formula to allow feeding during the main growing season with no excess growth.

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Greenmaster Liquid CalMag



Greenmaster Liquid fertiliser formulation designed to supplement Calcium and Magnesium levels.

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Greenmaster Liquid High K

High K


Greenmaster Liquid High K can be used before or during stressful conditions. The low Nitrogen and Phosphorous levels maintain low growth and promote good rooting.

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Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe

Effect Iron Fe

6.3% Fe

Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe can be used throughout the growing season. It delivers a green-up within 3 hours and can last up to 6 weeks.

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