SierrablenPlus is a rang of premium technology controlled release mini-prill fertilizers containing Poly-S and resin-coated PACE technology with conventional nitrogen sources to provide the best long-term nutrient release patterns.

SierrablenPlus Active (3+M)

Active (3+M)


SierrablenPlus Active (3+ months) contains a full trace element package to enhance turf health plus magnesium to improve turf colour.

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SierrablenPlus Stress Control (3+M)

Stress Control (3+M)


SierrablenPlus Stress Control (3+M) has a high potassium content that helps strengthen cell walls and aids water regulation in plant.

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SierrablenPlus 0-0-39 (3-4M)

0-0-39 (3-4M)


Ideal controlled release potassium fertilizer for hardening turf coming into winter.

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SierrablenPlus Spring Starter (5+M)

Spring Starter (5+M)


SierrablenPlus Spring Starter (5+M) is an early season fertilizer with nutrients delivered for over 5 months to encourage healthy balanced turf growth.

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SierrablenPlus Active (5+M)

Active (5+M)


SierrablenPlus Active (5+ months) is a balance NK fertilizer for use from spring to autumn. The magnesium content helps to improve turf colour.

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SierrablenPlus Stress Control (5+M)

Stress Control (5+M)


SierrablenPlus Stress Control (5+ months) is a classic turf hardener formulation, ideal for year round use.

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Sierrablen Plus Turf Starter with Pearl® Technology

Turf Starter with Pearl® Technology

Sierrablen Plus Turf Starter includes Pearl® Technology, a unique Root Activated™ continuous-release phosphorus recovered from phosphorus-rich water streams. This high phosphorus analysis with proven performance for sod growers, is designed for laying sod and for adding to renovations where maximum rooting is the aim. It is preferable to use this product alongside applications of additional nitrogen to encourage turf growth.

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