SierrablenPlus is a rang of premium technology controlled release mini-prill fertilizers containing Poly-S and resin-coated PACE technology with conventional nitrogen sources to provide the best long-term nutrient release patterns.

38-0-0 (3+M)


SierrablenPlus 38-0-0 is a controlled release fertiliser. The nitrogen content matches plant requirements to give continuous growth for over 3 months.

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Active (3+M)


SierrablenPlus Active (3+ months) contains a full trace element package to enhance turf health plus magnesium to improve turf colour.

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Stress Control (3+M)


SierrablenPlus Stress Control (3+M) has a high potassium content that helps strengthen cell walls and aids water regulation in plant.

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0-0-39 (3-4M)


Ideal controlled release potassium fertilizer for hardening turf coming into winter.

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Spring Starter (5+M)


SierrablenPlus Spring Starter (5+M) is an early season fertilizer with nutrients delivered for over 5 months to encourage healthy balanced turf growth.

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Active (5+M)


SierrablenPlus Active (5+ months) is a balance NK fertilizer for use from spring to autumn. The magnesium content helps to improve turf colour.

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Stress Control (5+M)


SierrablenPlus Stress Control (5+ months) is a classic turf hardener formulation, ideal for year round use.

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