Nursery stock, perennials, pot & bedding plants

Everything you need with brands you can trust

ICLs brands have been leading the way in horticulture for nearly 50 years, from our patented controlled release fertilizer Osmocote to our Intercept 5GR which provides full season control of vine weevil and other specified insects. Use our products and you will be safe in the knowledge your plants are getting what they need for maximum quality and return on investment.

Grow  - ICL provide growers with Osmocote Controlled Release technology which has been trusted by growers for almost 50 years. 

Nurture - Universol and Peters you can trust that when you need to provide the best care for your plants, our products are guaranteed to perform.

Protect  - Plant protection is key to maximising your crop yield and plant quality.

Growing media

With nearly 50 years experience of producing the best quality professional growing media. Levington is the brand you can trust for consistent results and performance.

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Water-soluble fertilizers

Our top-end Peters fertilizers provide optimum feeding for outstanding quality and beautiful colour. Universol fertilizer products set the standard for water-soluble fertilizers for ornamental horticulture.

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Plant Protection Products

ICL offers a specialist range of plant protection products providing responsible solutions to controlling weeds, insect and disease problems.

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Trace element packages

ICL Specialty Fertilizers has conducted extensive research to develop state-of-art products that have exactly the correct ratio of trace elements to maximise your plants’ growing capacity.

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