Levington Advance Sustain


Born from years of research, development and knowledge from years within ornamental industry, ICL’s Levington Advance Sustain provides growers with the ultimate in sustainable growing media. Carefully produced for the professional growing industry ICL have a range of products which can be used as standard or as part of the Levington Advance Solutions programme.

Levington Advance Sustain - Pot & Bedding M1 Pot & Bedding - SM1

Pot & Bedding - SM1

Levington Advance Sustain is designed to be used from 3cm pots up to 9cm pots and allows for growth of even the most sensitive of plants.

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Levington Advance Sustain - Medium Course Potting - SMCP Medium Course Potting - SMCP

Medium Course Potting - SMCP

Levington Advance Sustain for Pot Plants is specifically designed to provide an open structure for optimum drainage. It allows for good rooting and with low base fertilizer allowing for more controlled growth utilizing Osmocote Exact technology.

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Levington Advance Sustain - SCNS General  SCNS General

SCNS General

Levington Advance Sustain for container nursery stock is formulated to flow in to even small pots whilst retaining a good open structure for drainage.

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