Osmocote Exact Mini

The Osmocote Exact for small pots

This top-quality fertilizer is primarily used to combine the rooting stage with the repotting period. Cuttings substrate is quite low in nutrients and additional fertilizing via the sprinkler system is often difficult. Osmocote Exact Mini improves the quality of the cuttings significantly, leading to more yield and higher profits. 
Osmocote Exact Mini is ideal for pots smaller than 8 cm in diameter like plugs and trays with small compartments. The granules are smaller than the “standard” Osmocote Exact granules, so that good distribution can be achieved even in volumes starting at 20 ml.


Osmocote Exact Mini 5-6M

Mini 5-6M


Osmocote Exact Mini 5-6 months contains a complete package of trace elements and magnesium.

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