All systems go at our Cúil na Móna growing media factory

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As young plants arrive on nurseries for spring/summer potting, our Cúil na Móna growing media factory is operating at high capacity to meet growers’ requirements – reports Brendan Howell, ICL sales development manager for professional horticulture across Ireland.   


One week’s notice needed for full loads  

Some growers send in a full season’s schedule of orders, enabling a load to be moved forward or back if there is pinch point on the nursery at that time.   

Others prefer to order load to load.  These orders are factored into our existing production schedule – however, at this time of year a week’s notice for full loads is required.  In an emergency situation, we can occasionally offer a little flexibility – working late to turn around a short order.  

Fully stocked for 2023 and beyond  

Today’s sustainable mixes are becoming increasingly complex and supply chain issues remain challenging at times.  However, we can reassure growers that our Cúil na Móna factory is fully stocked for the season ahead. We have planned ahead to stockpile the necessary substrate ingredients to meet demand for 2023 and beyond. 


Osmocote 5 – the way ahead  

Here in Ireland, we have now moved over fully to ICL’s latest generation, controlled release fertilizer - Osmocote 5.  This has been specially designed for peat-reduced and peat-free growing media.  

With a range of longevities suited to different crops, we recommend 5-6month for Bedding, Basket and Pot Plant mixes, 8-9month for Perennial Mixes and 12-14month for Nursery Stock, Hedging and Tree mixes.  

Osmocote Topdress samples available  

Following on from last month’s feature on Osmocote Topdress, we have samples for customers to trial in crops carried over from last year.   

Giving plants a welcome boost at this time of year, this coated fertiliser has been specially developed for topdress applications in container nursery stock.  Benefiting from Fusion Technology, the Osmocote Topdress granules stays put - even if the plant topples over. Learn more here>>>