Autumn and Winter Fungicide Offer

8 November 2016
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Is it contact or systemic weather? Research shows that you can tailor a ratio of Banner Maxx and Medallion TL to suit all conditions to provide ultimate protection and ultimate flexibility.

Based on detailed trial work, Syngenta and ICL are happy to advocate Banner Maxx - Medallion TL tank-mix combinations.

Each fungicide provides excellent performance in their own right but combining the treatments allows a greater level of fl exibility to allow you to react to variable autumn and winter conditions.

The propiconazole in Banner Maxx is a cool weather upward moving systemic active ingredient that works inside the plant, while the fludioxonil in Medallion TL earlier is a contact active ingredient that works on the leaf in the thatch and soil and so combining the actives can give real benefits.

Combining the treatments allows you to bring the spore knockdown from Medallion earlier in the Autumn/Winter than if you were using on its own while, the propiconazole can help later in the season if growth is still proceeding in Nov/Dec.

Autumn / Winter Fungicide offer from ICL. from ICL UK Turf & Landscape on Vimeo.

Golf Green Trial

  • Site type: Golf green
  • Soil Type: Sandy Loam
  • Turf species: Mixture of approximately 50% bentgrass and 50% annual meadowgrass
  • Conducted at the onset of disease infection (0 – 3% incidence).
  • All treatments were applied in 250 L/ha water volume
  • Application interval 28 days (+-2)
  • Autumn


  • Trial showed that Banner Maxx - Medallion TL tank mix combinations worked extremely well.
  • All fungicides treatments gave an excellent level of microdochium control, independent of the interval of application.
  • No significant differences between fungicides treatment on turfgrass quality or colour (data not presented).

In conclusion: Tank mix 2L/ha:1l/ha Medallion:Banner Maxx, 1L/ha:2L/ha Medallion:Banner Maxx give excellent microdochium control during autumn/early winter period.

Autumn / Winter Fungicide Offer

For full detalls on the offer and how to claim, please download the offer sheet.