Banner Maxx II launched at BTME 2018

30 January 2018
  • Whastsapp

Banner Maxx II is a new formulation of the tried and tested fungicide, created to deliver even faster uptake into the plant and tackle disease infection inside the leaf – before it can damage turf plant health.

Launched at BTME 2018, the high-performance formulation delivers over 130% faster uptake of the active into the leaf, compared to original Banner Maxx.

The enhanced formulation has assured the renowned fast-acting product’s continued availability for golf courses and all amenity turf situations. It maintains the full range of Syngenta turf fungicides, to give protection throughout the year and enable an effective disease resistance strateg

Syngenta Turf Technical Manager, Marcela Munoz, highlighted the new Maxx formulation has been designed specifically for turf to offer exceptional plant safety. Manufactured to nanotechnology particle size, the active can quickly enter the leaf and move to new growth.
“Once safely in the leaf, the active targets disease pathogen cell membranes and stops development of early mycelial growth,” she advised.“It is well proven on a broad-range of turf diseases, including Anthracnose, Dollar Spot, and Brown Patch, as well as Microdochium Patch.”
Marcela outlined R&D trials at Colne Valley Golf Club in Essex demonstrated results with Banner Maxx II were unaffected by simulated heavy rainfall just 15 minutes after application. The trial showed the treatment prevented the development of Microdochium Patch (Fusarium) outbreak at less than 0.5%, compared to over nine per cent on untreated turf.
Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta UK Turf Business Manager, advocated the fast uptake makes Banner Maxx II especially effective to take advantage of spraying opportunities during wet weather conditions highly conducive to disease, and means it is unaffected by irrigation scheduling.
“It’s rapidly taken up even in relatively cool conditions, making it well suited to strategic planned treatments in early spring or late autumn, as well as right through the growing season to counter specific threats,” he reported.
“The investment to reformulate Banner Maxx II to meet increasingly stringent regulatory demands is another example of Syngenta support for turf mangers, in seeking to ensure they have a full range of fungicides available to maintain turf health and quality.”