Bare root potting - good things come to those that wait

26 August 2021
  • Whastsapp

With the bare root season here, now is the time to start thinking about how you can take advantage of the most efficient release Osmocote has to offer for bare root deciduous crops, writes Technical Manager Andrew Wilson.  

It doesn't feel that long since leaves started to emerge from spring - after what felt like a very long winter.  However, with September soon upon us, it is time to start thinking about potting up bare root roses and trees as they once again lose their leaves.

Winter nutrient release leads to wastage

These shrubs and trees require little or no nutrients over the winter as they remain in this dormant or semi-dormant state – waiting for temperatures to warm up in spring before budding up.  Nutrients released through these cold and often wet winter months are likely to be largely wasted and are often leached into the ground or potentially the local water course.  While being uneconomical, this also does not comply with the principles of the Sustainable Use Directive.

Highly efficient CRFs

In general, controlled release fertilisers (CRFs) are highly efficient and much safer than slow release or organic fertilizers – where the release is governed by a whole host of potential variations including microbial action, pH, moisture and temperature which therefore equates to less sophisticated  nutrient release potentially resulting in either over or under feeding as well as increased leaching.  

ICL’s fourth generation Osmocote products have a second wax coating using our unique Double Coating Technology (DCT).  For our Osmocote Exact Hi.End products - a proportion of the granules are DCT treated - which means they start releasing later, in the critical growth phase. The result is very effective nutrition and improved plant growth.

Osmcote Exact Protect

Specially developed for potting bare rooted stock in autumn, Osmocote Exact Protect is 100% double coated. This means fertilizer release is delayed while the newly potted bare root crops are dormant and not using any nutrition.

Osmocote Exact Protect then starts to release as the temperature rises and the plants start to root and leaf up in the spring.  The result is very little fertilizer wastage/leaching. By using these highly efficient CRF’s you can apply 20 -25% less fertilizer, minimise leaching and achieve even better results.

To find out how you can take advantage of the most efficient release fertilisers for your bare root cops this autumn and winter, contact your local ICL Technical Area Sales Manager here>>>