Feeding hungry with crop with Peters Excel

9 May 2021
  • Whastsapp

Feeding hungry with crop with Peters Excel

Woodlark Nurseries, at Hersham in Surrey, are experienced seasonal plant growers producing a stunning array of quality pot plants, bedding, primroses, pansy/viola, perennials and potted bulbs

Crops:  Thriving nursery produces over 1.5 million seasonal plants in 9cm, 10cm and 1-2litre pots, plus 40,000 seasonal planted hanging pots and 50,000 Poinsettias.

Production challenge:  Solanum – an established pre-Christmas crop.  A hungry crop with a high calcium demand, plants were often pale and losses were too high.

AngelaWeb:  Having taken water samples, AngelaWeb precision nutrition software programme recommended lowering base fertilizer rate, upgrading to Osmocote Exact Hi.End 5-6month and supplementary feeding with two Peters soft water products with high calcium.

Peters recommendations: 

Peters Excel Hard Water Grow Special 18-10-18 and

Peters Excel Cal Mag Finisher 13-5-20.

Grower comments:

  • Peters products have improved our precision nutrition programme – losses in our Solanum crop have been largely eliminated.
  • Angelaweb has taken nutrition guesswork out with tricky crop.
  • It makes environmental sense - you apply what the crops need and are confident you’re not wasting fertilizer or money.
  • With ICL you’re not just buying a product – you’re get a high quality service

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