Hort Science Online (HSO) 2023 goes live

6 February 2023
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Launched in January, Hort Science Online (HSO 1) 2023 brings growers the latest thinking on a broad range of timely issues - from how to minimise N leaching from sustainable growing media to potential solutions to current thorny labour challenges.   

“Returning to a digital format, HSO 1 features six topical and practical presentations – each around 20 minutes long and predominantly filmed on nurseries,” says ICL marketing communications manager Adam Ferjani. “Growers can login remotely, at a time to suit, and in the process growers can gain BASIS and NRoSO points.”  

For growers using water soluble fertilizers, ICL’s UK and Ireland technical manager - Andrew Wilson - explains why with sustainable growing media irrigation practices should be reviewed and how wetting agents can boost efficiency.   

Filmed at Hort Science Live 2022 in Ireland, HSO 1 takes a knowledgeable and scientific look at peat-alternatives, their physical characteristics and the management of resulting sustainable mixes.  

Defra plant health specialist, Dr Aaron Hoyle, outlines three pests and disease threats that UK growers need to be aware of - rose rosette virus, Xanthomonas hydrangea and Lycorma delicatula (Spotted Lanternfly).  

And, in a change to the original line up, HSO 1 shines a spotlight on the new biological vine weevil control Lalguard M52 GR, explaining how to use it in an IPM programme with other biological products to give season long control.    

To register for HSO 2023, visit : https://www.hort-science.com/ 

ICL is planning further HSO events for the coming months.