ICL launch three new products in Ireland

2 February 2016
  • Whastsapp

ICL has kick-started 2016 by expanding its product portfolio after announcing the launch of four new formulations in Ireland.

Over the years, ICL has developed a rich portfolio of products serving the needs of turf and landscape, ornamental horticulture and specialty agriculture with market leading brands. A commitment to investing in research and development has ensured that the company continues to bring to market the most innovative products year on year.

2016 sees two new cleaning products added to the ICL product range, starting with Sp0tless – which is a highly formulated cleaning agent for the cleaning and decontamination of spraying equipment. Especially effective for clearing sticky formulations, Sp0tless thoroughly decontaminates the sprayer after use and maintains the overall efficiency of the equipment. It is also incredibly easy to apply - simply half fill the tank with clean water and add Sp0tless at the selected rate.

Colour Pro Indicator
Also new to ICL’s product portfolio is Colour Pro Indicator – an advanced spray pattern indicator which assists spraying and minimizes spray drift. It has been formulated to provide the optimum conditions for the most accurate application of liquid sprays to turf and bare ground. This low-staining formulation features a premium blue indicator and includes a sequestering agent to prevent lock-up.

The quality of the water used in spray solutions can have a significant impact on the performance of the pesticide or foliar nutrition being used and it is for this reason why ICL has developed this unique formulation. pHixer is a specialist water conditioner that adjusts spray tank water to an optimum pH level of 4.0 - 5.0. It contains chemical water conditioners that dissolve the carbonates in the spray solution to reduce their ability to react with pesticides or foliar feeds. Users will see the water turn pink when it reaches the optimum pH level and pHixer is especially useful for herbicide, fungicide or foliar feed treatments in hard water areas.