Levington and Osmocote make your best sellers better

22 February 2017
  • Whastsapp

Retailers demand plant uniformity and high quality from your bedding crops for strong visual merchandising, and the home gardener expects a full season of fuss-free colour from their purchases.



We’ve tailored Levington Advance Bloom to help you meet those demands, developing a cost efficient and professional growing media that not only provides total nutrition for fast turn around crops for up to 3 months, but also produces superior plants that are ready to perform on retail benching and in the garden.

Our unique blend combines the quality and reliability of Levington Advance professional growing media with the tried and tested nutrient release technology of Osmocote Bloom granular fertilizer, providing maximum nutrition throughout the crop cycle, selling phase and early consumer stages.

Our own trial work shows many advantages of Advance Bloom in pot and pack bedding plant production against the use of standard growing media and fertilizer blends. Already in use by some of the UK’s top bedding plant producers, our customers are seeing the benefits of Advance Bloom across the whole supply chain.

The 2: 1: 3 NPK ratio and full package of trace elements at elevated levels has been formulated to encourage condensed, healthy growth in bedding plants. Our trials and feedback from our clients show both improved foliage and root development, often leading to early crop maturity and quicker production times.

The low fertilizer input and minimal nutrient leeching makes Levington Advance Bloom a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for commercial growers. The coated granules offer controlled nutrient release across the whole crop cycle (up to 3 months at temperatures of 21C, and up to 4 months for cool season crops grown around 16C), improving shelf life in store and supporting plants right through to final planting by the consumer. There is no need for additional water soluble fertilizers at any stage of the process, reducing costs and workload for your production team.

With the addition of H2Gro, our new generation water surfactant, which combines a wetting agent, penetrating agent and re-wetting agent, Levington Advance Bloom is also proving effective in the production of quality pre-planted retail bedding containers and seasonal hanging baskets.

Tailoring the blend to your needs even further we can offer it in two particle sizes – a medium grade (0-10mm) for cell trays and polystyrene pack production, and a medium coarse grade (80% 0-10mm / 20% 6-12mm) for small pot production. The medium coarse grade has also proved better with plants that require additional drainage such as outdoor or autumn crops.

Again for less demanding autumn bedding lines and salt sensitive varieties such as Antirrhinum and Verbena, we offer a lower nutrient level blend for optimum performance.

Providing everything your crop needs, Levington Advance Bloom is the most cost effective option for bedding plant production across the entire Advance/Osmocote range. Contact your Technical Area Sales Manager for more information.



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