New Fibagro Advance Fine designed for trays and small pots

6 February 2023
  • Whastsapp

As the industry strives to reduce its reliance on peat, ICL has developed a new finer woodfibre raw material ideally suited for trays and small pots for peat reduced and peat-free mixes – Fibagro Advance Fine.  

“Manufactured by ICL from responsibly sourced materials, Fibagro Advance is renowned for its high consistency,” says Stuart Gammage, ICL’s technical manager for growing media.  “Originally developed for the nursery stock and perennial sectors, at high volumes Fibagro Advance Standard is less well suited to smaller pots and units, due to its particle size. The development of Fibagro Advance Fine means we can now follow suit with Levington Advance bedding and pot plant mixes.  

“Fibagro Advance Fine has become a key ingredient in Levington Advance bedding mix and is now incorporated at up to 30% in all bedding mixes in Ireland. Mixed with 0-10mm peat, it is perfect for peat-reduced bedding crops as it provides a flowable media that works well with trays and small pots,” says Stuart. 

“For peat-free bedding and herbaceous crops, a combination of Fibagro Advance Standard or Fibagro Advance Fine combines well with other sustainable materials to produce flowable high performance growing media.  These mixes are designed to run smoothly through potting machines filling trays and pots.”    

While most woodfibres are relatively stable, sustainable inert peat diluents, historically there have been some associated issues relating to slumping, water retention, N drawdown and buffering.  

“In developing Fibagro Advance, ICL has tackled these challenges,” says Stuart. “Promoting high product consistency, ICL’s unique thermo-mechanical process produces ‘split end’ fibres which create a unique matrix when blended with raw materials such as peat, coir and bark.   

“With low to medium bulk density, Fibagro Advance products help reduce slumping.  With a good balance between air-filled porosity (AFP) and water holding capacity (WHC), they facilitate good rooting, drainage and ease of irrigation management.  With the addition of our technically advanced Osmocote 5 controlled release fertilizer and other specially formulated fertilizers and wetting agents – Fibagro Advance significantly reduces the impact of these issues, helping maximise plant quality.”