Quality orchids fed with Peters Professional

9 June 2021
  • Whastsapp

UK finest orchids fed with Peters Professional

Double H Nurseries, at New Milton in Hampshire, are one of the leading pot plant producers supplying the highest quality plants to leading UK supermarkets and its online platform ‘Love Orchids’. Growing an interesting range of long-lasting, durable pot plants, orchids remain the primary crop. 

Crops:  Double H produces over 1.8million orchids a year (38,000 every week).  Growing over 100 varieties throughout the year, the majority are produced in 9cm pots. Employing state-of-the-art orchid houses, the company utilises the latest innovative technology and has installed a biomass boiler. Double H strive to produce and pack visually outstanding plants in a sustainable and efficient way - enabling it to compete effectively with European nurseries.

Production challenge:  A challenging crop to grow, orchids require a certain amount of light and heat and are an energy hungry crop. Grown in bark, orchids need to be irrigated every four days and then dried back - using heat from below.   Preferring an EC of 1, any excess feed - which has dried on to the bark - must be flushed through.

Peters Professional recommendations: 

Combi-Sol 6-18-36+3MgO+TE

Grow Mix 21-07-21+3MgO+TE

Foliar Feed 27-15-12+TE

Feed mixes: 

Double H employ two feed tanks.  Tank B consistently contains calcium nitrate.  Meanwhile, the Tank A feed mix various according to the crop’s growth stage. 

During the ‘hot’ vegetative stage, Tank A contains a carefully formulated mix of predominantly Peters Professional Grow Mix combined with Peters Professional Combi-Sol.  

During the ‘cool’ generalist stage – when flowering is initiated – the Tank A mix changes.  While still predominantly Peters Professional Grow Mix, the feed mix now includes both Peters Professional Foliar Feed and Peters Professional Combi-Sol.   

Grower comments:

  • Peters Professional gives us great results – we have no issues with nutrient deficiencies.
  • Switched over to Peters due to issues with deposits in the feed rig.
  • With its pure formulation, Peters dissolves really well (without needing tank stirrers) eliminating any deposits.
  • Peters Professional products produce a quick plant response.


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