Recognising a good deal

30 July 2015
  • Whastsapp

We all want “a good deal”, whether we are doing the weekly grocery shop, buying new electrical goods, a new car or purchasing the required inputs to run a business. 

It’s a little easier these days, especially buying a comparable product like a branded TV, you look at the specs decide which one you want and then go on the Internet to find the best deal. But, have you ever noticed that some of the multiples have slightly different model numbers and the specs being sold as the same are just a little different?

The basic principles might be the same: LED, 3D, HD, 40” screen, but have you looked at the processor speed and is it the latest 4K Ultra HD, does it come with a 5 year warranty? Buyer beware!

Relate that to your business, some of the most important elements used to produce your plants and provide your income, the stakes are much higher.

What is your growing media spec?

A CNS mix, with 3Kg of 12-14 CRF and a vine weevil control, sounds easy, now you just go for the lowest price?

But then let’s look at the detail:

A CNS mix, what does that include? What are the fraction sizes of the raw materials? More basically, what are the raw materials - peat, coir, woodfibre, pine bark, spruce larch bark, green waste? Some elements are better than others, some work very well at a given level, but above that can cause problems, so always make sure you know what has been advised and why.

CRFs come in many varieties these days, we have discussed the pros and cons of different CRF types in previous technical notes and bulletins; generations (2nd, 3rd or 4th), release patterns, longevities and incorporation rates, all of which will give differing results.

Even the vine weevil control, well, there is only one guaranteed chemical control for incorporation - Exemptor, but did you know there are 2 application rates 300g and 400g, if you want season long control of vine weevil 400g is the only option. However, if you simply ask for Exemptor is that what you will get, or will the price drive the supplier down to the 300g rate?

If at the end of the day if you decide price has to be the driving factor, ask one more question, if it goes wrong who do I call?  Will my supplier have BASIS and FACTS qualified experienced technical area sales managers based locally and backed up by industry leading UK based technical managers?

If you want detailed information on the specification and potential performance of you growing media inputs, give one of your ICL (Everris) technical area sales managers a call, we would be happy to discuss you needs.